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I’m really excited about writing this blog, for my new site. After, retiring in 2011 for 3 days I had to find something that not only consumed time but gave me a sense of fulfillment and at the same time, hopefully, helped others, thus this and future blogs. Many subjects will be covered, most of which, if not all, will to offer solutions problems rather than delving into the history of the topic at hand. In these blogs we will be change to improve life, most times immediately. For example: 4 Ways to begin improving your relationship today-not tomorrow- TODAY.

1.) Both you and your significant other begin Pretending you’re in a stable, desirable, secure relationship. (It’s the old Fake it until you Make it. It may sound silly, but this action on both parts will begin to improve your thoughts, feeling and actions.)

2.) Focus, at a minimum, on one positive aspect of your relationship. (You had to have something that attracted you to each other. When people come in for relationship counseling, they are so focused on the negative issue(s) they’re unable to see the positives that exist.)

3.) Point out one item to your partner that you believe would increase their self-esteem.Everyone has issues with their self-esteem albeit, at varying degrees. I ‘m too short, big, small, my nose is ugly, etc., etc., etc.

4.) Find a common goal that you can work on as a couple then begin to take the steps needed to attain that goal. (The goal may be raising a child in the best manner you can. It could be saving for a house, a car, helping a family member. Whatever it may be, put your heart into it allowing some of your focus to be directed to the plus side of the ledger.)
Some of the blogs may even address what I learned from my dogs today or what my associate learned from her cats. Whatever the topic-all will offer some helpful information for you or someone you know.

As the saying goes we are saving the best for last. We encourage people to email questions. We’ll pick out what we consider to be the most pressing and my associate and I will address the issue at hand, giving our thoughts and possible solutions to your problem(s). We will be sending blogs weekly, so get on board.