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Combination Anger Control and Tranquility

This Combination Package contains the E-Book "Anger Control Breaking the Cycle" and the MP3s "Controlling and Diminishing Your Anger" and "Achieve Tranquility" as a Complete Collection Download

"Anger Control Breaking the Cycle"
Anger, being an emotion, can lead to behaviors such as aggressiveness and rage. Through this program on releasing anger and the various cognitive behavioral suggestions listed in the book one can begin to make immediate changes in inappropriate conduct.

"Controlling and Diminishing Your Anger"
This program will allow you to respond to your anger in an appropriate manner. How often you will need to listen to this session is dependent upon the intensity of your anger, the length of time it has gone unbridled, you accepting the ideas put forth and most importantly, your willingness to incorporate these suggestions into your life. The "triggers" which are, people, places and things that prompt us to respond angrily.

"Achieve Tranquility"
The program was created for achieving these concepts will allow you to begin attaining peace of mind; a feeling of serenity, virtually immediately. You will be able to strengthen these feelings daily with very little effort. Happiness is from within; it will not be found from outside ourselves. I truly believe we all deserve to experience happiness, a feeling of contentment, joy and self-acceptance. No, I am not looking through rose colored glasses-No One-experiences constant and continuous happiness but all are capable of having more joy in their life than they seem to allow themselves.


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