Weight Loss

“I’ve been 'Big' all my life. I did all the diets and considered Bariatric Surgery. I saw the web site and thought, I might as well try it. It’s been incredible. No magic just great information made easy. The weight is coming off. I feel better than I ever. Thank You!" Anna P., Indianapolis, IN

“Your approach to weight loss has bee extremely helpful. I’ve changed my habits”. Shannon K., Chicago, IL

Smoke Free

“I smoked for19 years, 1-2 packs a day. I have previously tried everything and it never worked out. Since downloading the program I am smoke free and don’t miss it. Thanks a trillion.” Sharon W., Indianapolis, IN

“Thanks for your help. I breath better, have more energy, don’t stink up my clothes and don’t watch my money go up in smoke”. Larry A., Columbus, OH

“What? Who Smokes Cigarettes? Thanks.", Jim O., Indianapolis, IN

Anger Management

“The CD helped me to get a hold on my anger issues. I have come a long way, the tips help daily." Jack O., Noblesville, IN

“I didn’t believe I could control my temper. Your methods have at least let me stop and think before I react”. Roger C., Indianapolis, IN

“No longer am I allowing someone else to take over my emotions.” Sarah Z., Indianapolis, IN

“After listening to the CD and putting into practice what it taught, my wife is happier as are my kids and co-workers.” Zach J., Lexington, KY

“Not saying I am 100% better but now when I drive to work I feel my blood pressure not going through the roof because of other drivers. I now think, things like maybe the lady that cut in front of me needs to get home to take care of a sick child, rather than if I get the chance I’m going to cut in front of her and hit my brakes, so I know I’m better. Thanks.” Leo D., Hollywood, FL.


“It took me a few times to really lie still and listen to this program, even though it’s less than 20 minutes’ long -I’ve always been hyper. When listening the third time, I did exactly what you said and when finished I was totally relaxed-Just like I had a full body massage.” Janice K.,

Substance Abuse

“They’ve helped me to get a hold on my abuse and stay sober. I stopped letting my emotions guide me. Thank You." Quinn B., Greenfield, IN

”Thanks, my family and I can’t thank you enough, it’s a new life.” Rosemary W., Austin, TX


“It was so hard to just relax and calm down at night. My job is very stressful! I’ve had countless lost hours not sleeping. The CD has helped me tremendously, informative and practical. It just works!” Deb., Brownsburg, IN

“I now have options.” Robert V., Orlando, FL

Self Esteem

“I’ve had issues with self-esteem all my life. The CD has enabled me to feel better and hold my head high.” Pat P., Fullerton, CA

“I was very pleased with your service. I have more confidence at and with my job.” Ted G., Lebanon, IN

Pain Management

“I can’t say my pain is gone but the intensity has sure decreased.” Marilyn D., Terre Haute, IN

“My pain no longer controls me or my activities”. Aaron H., Phoenix, AZ


“Many Thanks. The tools you provided helps us communicate a lot better and get are emotions out with all the bickering.” Ashley T., Zionsville, IN

“After growing apart for so many years it has been hard reconnecting but you’ve helped us to begin the process.” Noah & Mary H., Dallas, TX

Relaps-Back on Track

“I’ve quit smoking three times and always after different links of time returned to smoking. I’d tell myself I’m hopeless and just give up. Like many you’ve worked with, I would suppose. I would have one or two cigarettes then just buy a pack and in no time begin smoking my usual pack to pack and one-half a day. When I got your book and listened to your audio program on smoking they proved to be what I needed. Looking at “relapse” as appositive changed my whole perspective. Thank You So Much." Joshua W., Zanesville, OH

“I’ve struggled with weight and smoking for 20 or so years, always returning and time after time after time. I learned from your books about viewing relapse as being positive which helped a lot. However, what helped even more was finding a pattern with my relapse situations and learning how to intervene before falling on my face again.” William S., Sharpesville, IN

“Never thought or knew about the word 'triggers' and their effect on returning to using. Thanks.” Renee N., Mt. Pleasant, SC


“This helped realize that I am successful and that not only helps put my mind at ease but helped me with my self-esteem." Phyllis B., Whitestown, IN

“I’ve heard success doesn’t always mean your financial status and I guess I believed it, to a point. I had bought your Tranquility MP3 and sort of bought the other Success on a whim. Glad I did, it opened my eyes to many aspects of success I had not thought of before.” Max O., Fullerton, CA