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Combination Stop Smoking Now and Back On Track Relapse

This Combination Package contains the E-Book "Stop Smoking Now" and the MP3s "Stop Smoking Now" and "Back On Track" as a Complete Collection Download

"Stop Smoking Now E-Book"
The objective of this book is to help you to attain the status of a non-smoker and to maintain that goal. Most of the information supplied would work just as well with tobacco use other than smoking.

"Stop Smoking Now MP3"
This program will make it easier to quit smoking. Re-framing your thinking plus provides ways and means for you to avoid “triggers” you’ll be prepared to identify your specific “triggers” and how to effectively avoid them before they influence you to return to using tobacco.

"Back On Track"
On occasion, a few people will “backslide” and return to their habits. This may be referred to as a relapse. Let’s learn from the experience. Relapse can be viewed as failure or you can view it as a positive learning experience.If you define it as a failure, then you are truly doing yourself an injustice.


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