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The Value of Not Smoking

The objective of this paper is to help you to attain the status of a non-smoker and to maintain that goal. Most of the information supplied would work just as well with tobacco use other than smoking.

I have no idea as of the price you paid for a pack of cigarettes when you first started, .25 cents, .75 cents a dollar or two dollars. Presently, in the United States cigarettes cost about $ 7.00 a pack, smoking 1 pack a day amounts to nearly $ 50 a week or more than $ 2,500 annually.

In 5 years that’s over $ 12,000.00 and it literally is money being burned and going up in smoke. If the dollar figure shocks you then try to reconstruct, as best you can, the costs you’ve incurred over the lifetime of your smoking. Look at the hidden costs. How many of your medical issues were due to smoking, for instance, sinus problems, coughing, headaches etc., that can be directly attributed to your smoking what were the physicians or medical bills, the prescription costs and over-the–counter medication costs?

Actually, it would be impossible to acquire an accurate figure but I would bet that you haven’t walked away unencumbered by costs.


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