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Releasing Stress and Anxiety

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We all face problems, stressors and anxieties in our everyday lives. This is a fundamental part of the human condition. There is no escaping this basic truth. Indeed, challenges help us to grow.

The normal process is to perceive a problem and then bring our emotional and thinking abilities into play in order to solve the problem. We can draw on our own legacy of experiences, and we can find support from our life partners, friends, the community, society’s body of knowledge and spiritual sources.

Faced with a problem, we experience some anxiety – and this uncomfortable feeling motivates us to solve the problem in order to find our balance again. In the process, we become more flexible and more adept at dealing with problems in the future. As we mature, we discover that problems are not insurmountable – and we get better at problemsolving.

However, at times it seems that we are the recipient of an abundance of stressors targeting us from multiple directions. We can feel overwhelmed, immobilized and unable to think clearly, making poor decisions or no decisions what-so-ever. Don’t despair, there is help and I intend to provide it for you. We need to separate stress from anxiety, even though the consequences of leaving both unresolved are similar, they are different in meaning and perception.


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