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Substance Abuse Stopping the Downward Spiral

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You may view this book as a primer or an overview on substance abuse. It does not claim to be comprehensive; covering everything there is to know about substance abuse. For instance, it does not include all the various types of addictions, such as, food, gambling, video games, etc. However, there are certain similarities that are universal with all addictions: defense systems, relapse issues, etc.

The book deals strictly with chemical abuse, mainly alcohol since it is the most researched drug of abuse in our country. Throughout this book you will notice that alcohol and drugs are referred to separately but at other times interchangeably or in the same context. Make no mistake about it, alcohol is a drug the same as marijuana, cocaine or any other mood altering chemical. Also, there is no distinction made between hard and what
some call a soft drug.

I am a believer in two statements I have heard over the years about substance abuse. Delbert Boone states, when addressing soft or hard drugs, “a drug is a drug, is a drug, is a drug, is a drug.” And, Father Joseph Martin when talking about abuse, succinctly states; “Whatever causes a problem is a problem.”

So in essence they can be called drugs, substances, mood altering chemicals, ad infinitum. Hopefully, the following pages will help you gain insight into a severe problem and furnish ideas and thoughts for yourself or someone else.


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