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Back On Track

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I use cigarettes as the subject but this could be food, work ethic, stress or a multitude of other life challenges.

On occasion, a few people will “backslide” and return to their smoking or tobacco use. This may be referred to as a relapse. Let’s learn from the experience. Relapse can be viewed as failure or you can view it as a positive learning experience.If you define it as a failure, then you are truly doing yourself an injustice.

Begin by writing down what you were thinking and feeling the moment you picked up the cigarette. What were you thinking 5 minutes prior to that, 1 hour, 24 hours, a week before that, so on and so forth. Find a pattern, for instance, were you angry or depressed? Did you just break up in a relationship? Did you receive notices about past due bills? Did someone close to you pass away? It’s usually something psychological that brings a person to relapse then we return to the physical addiction.


Relapse as a POSITIVE:Take the time and think about this hypothetical scenario. You have gone 6 days without giving into smoking; however, on the 7th day you succumbed to a stressful event and smoked 3-4 cigarettes. There are 1440 minutes in a 24-hour day; 1,440 minutes X 6 days = 8,640 minutes of what we will refer to as Positive Time. We then gave in by smoking, so we’ll our use approximately 20 minutes of negative time. Is there really a comparison of 8,640 vs. 20 minutes? Where is it written and who said you have to be at 100% all the time to be successful? Did you ever receive less than 100% on one of your school tests or papers? Would you view an 85% test score as a failure? Isn’t 85% success? Stay in the POSITIVE and quit beating yourself up. You would tell a friend they had SUCCESS with the aforementioned situation, why can’t you accept the same reasoning for yourself? So quit telling yourself, “I give up”, “It’s useless or hopeless. ”YOU ARE A SUCCESS, THINK THAT WAY, ACT THAT WAY and you’ll find that you are a SUCCESS.


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