Controlling and Diminishing Your Anger

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Anger is one of our four (4) basic emotions, the others being sad, glad and fear. It takes a vast amount of energy to be and stay angry; leading to high blood pressure, headaches, damaged relationships, legal complications among other things.

We all get frustrated and angry from time to time, but uncontrolled anger can override our intellect, allowing us to make emotional decisions that for the most part are not in our best interest. We need to realize that when an upsetting event takes place, a thought about that incident is formed leading to a multitude of physical and emotional phenomena resulting in our "fight or flight" response.

Physically, our body becomes tense, our heartbeat races, blood pressure increases, and breathing becomes more labored. We need to recognize these as cues or signals and immediately take action.

This program will allow you to respond to your anger in an appropriate manner. How often you will need to listen to this session is dependent upon the intensity of your anger, the length of time it has gone unbridled, you accepting the ideas put forth and most importantly, your willingness to incorporate these suggestions into your life. Before we start I want to say a few words about ‘triggers" which are, people, places and things that prompt us to respond angrily.

For instance, feeling disrespected, being cutoff in traffic, unreasonable deadlines at work, etc.. Make a list of your triggers after listening to this program, re-think them, were they really, really that important? How could you have handled them differently and more appropriately utilizing the suggestions provided in this session. Now let's get started on releasing anger in an appropriate manner and making your life less complicated.


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