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Increasing Your Self-Esteem

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We all have self-esteem issues, to what degree is the issue. We hear the same things as I; I’d like to be taller, shorter, skinnier, prettier, smarter, more athletic, a better artist, or you could just fill in the blanks. Many of these beliefs were formed when we were young and reinforced over the years, by things we’ve heard or maybe what we heard and interpreted wrongly.

Why can’t we just feel good about ourselves; well as previously stated they have been with us for years and reinforced over time, as such, they become well entrenched in our belief system. It is time to break away from that unwarranted belief and the absolutely negative feelings they produce. This program can help you break free and love yourself for who you are. Listen to this for thirty days in a row- it’s a program-and you’ll get to see yourself for who you truly are and love what you see.

Suggestion: In the meantime, for 3o days in a row I want you to tell yourself three good things you did that day as you go to bed. It ca be as simple as “I brushed my teeth’, or “I held the door open for a mother and her children” or “I said a kind word to someone.” Yes, it may sound silly, or child-like, but I swear it will let you begin to see that you are worth a lot. Hard to remember, put an Index card with the number 3 on your pillow when you get up.


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