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Releasing and Relieving Chronic Pain

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Pain can be one of two types, acute pain which is sharp or severe and provides us with a warning, like you’d get if you put your hand on a burner. The other type, which we will address in this session, is chronic pain – pain that really serves no purpose other than to interfere with your life and lifestyle. It can be sharp, dull or throbbing, constant or intermittent, localized or spread throughout your body.

We know that it produces stress and stress in turn exacerbates the pain. It can interfere with our sleep and in turn the lack of sleep produces more pain. It can cloud our thinking, disrupt our concentration, influence our attitude, make us angry, depressed and downright unpleasant to be around. It is multifaceted by its very nature, playing a part in our relationships, occupation, social activity, hobbies and even our spiritual life.

I will not promise you that you can eliminate your pain with this session, but you’ll find that you can significantly diminish its intensity. It will take practice on your part. How much practice depends on a multitude of variables, for instance, how intense is it? Also, it will depend on the depth of your hypnotic state, your willingness to accept the suggestions provided and your efforts in incorporating the suggestions into your life. Remember you can accept or reject any and all suggestions or decide that you will only use a few of the tools. However, the more suggestions you accept and implement the more success you’ll achieve.


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