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Wow! Easily said, maybe not so easily done. It seems as if hypnosis is the last form of treatment one tries when attempting to quit smoking. They’ve tried cold turkey, patches, gum, etc., etc., etc. Some medications, such as Chantix, which has had its share of success, but some people have shunned the medicine because of its terrible side effects. For those that don’t experience side effects it’s a good product.

So what about hypnosis for quitting smoking? Hypnosis has a 62% success rate with a Stop Smoking Program. (This 62%, this does not include large groups of individuals, for instance a program given at a Holiday Inn or another other facility where you can fit in 100 or 200 people, the success rate of those programs is approximately 17% successful.

My MP3 program will make it easier to quit smoking, especially when purchased with my book. The book covers behavioral modification techniques, Re-framing your thinking plus provides ways and means for you to avoid “triggers” (People, Places and Things, that influence individuals to return to smoking,See Pages 17 and 18 in my book,“Stop Smoking Now”) you’ll be prepared to identify your specific “triggers” and how to effectively avoid them before they influence you to return to using tobacco.

Most people don’t realize that they or you may go through various stages of the “Grief Cycle” when quitting smoking. Smoking has been their friend and it’s no longer there when you want to “kickback”, enjoy when your day is over, when you want to relieve tension, anger or stress. Yes, your best friend (albeit its killing you) is gone. You may experience depression, anger a when quitting, to what degree I can’t say because it depends on so many variables, but I can guarantee you, you’ll be able to diminish these unwanted and dangerous episodes of depression, anger, and general irritability if you do fall into its grasp. In addition, you’ll find a multitude of tried and true suggestions you can utilize to make it easier for yourself.


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