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Strengthening Your Relationship

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Over time some relationships get pushed to the background. Children arrive, then there’s little league baseball, peewee football, dance, volleyball, scouts until you literally become a chauffeur. On top of this is your job and its demands, home maintenance and the list continues until you realize there is someone else in your life and they’ve been neglected. The relationship or its remnants has become, just that, a collection of unattached particles. This is a special program where you and your significant other can relax and regain some of the luster that has been, more or less shelved over the years. It’s not enough to spend time it’s about quality time, time that has been taken up with a multitude of tasks.

Two tenets of a good marriage are having a sense of commitment to one another and a shared regard for the importance of time together. These principles have not been lost but may have been put on the back burner, so to speak. You can begin to regain those wonderful feelings of connection with your partner now. While listening to this program together, it will deepen the relationship you now have and help restore some moments you’ve forgotten existed, bringing you closer together.


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