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Stress Anxiety Reduction

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Stress-can is defined as a state of strain, whether physical or psychological. While we tend to attribute negative connotations to stressors, they may be positive as well as negative in nature. Positive stressors can be a new relationship, a new job or buying a new house, etc. While negative stressors, for example, are things such as financial problems, relationship issues, co-worker conflicts, work overload, etc.

Anxiety-Anxiety arises from our thoughts. It is a state of uneasiness or a feeling of impending doom, failure or misfortune. Examples; test or performance anxiety; going into the situation with an unknown outcome.

With a little effort on your part you cannot only reduce but possibly eliminate these troublesome issues that interfere with your life. In addition, you’ll find that many of the skills you’ll learn can be used as preventative measures you can take for future happenings.


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