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Weight Management

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One of the most difficult challenges we face in life is losing weight and/or controlling our weight. Food and drink seem to be thrust at us from every direction. Chefs have become “rock stars” and TV channels are inundated with cooking shows and cooking challenges. Thanks to TV you’ll have no trouble locating where and what restaurants have 2lb. hamburgers, 3lb. steaks and 5lb desserts. It seems as if a third of the commercials are toting some food, beverage or restaurant.

This program is established to defeat two obstacles in particular when dealing with weight. One is for the person that puts too much food on their plate when they eat. The other is to eliminate emotional eating. My book, Weight Management: Get Inspired and Gain Control talks about these issues. The MP3 by itself is great but the book covers, personal nutrition, Basic Behavior Modification, Reframing Our Thinking, Elimination Of Faulty Excuses, Exercise, Motivation and Relaxation Techniques. These topics are that I believe are necessary and cannot, by themselves, fit on to a hypnotic program.


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